Rules of the Server


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    Rules of the Server

    Post  AChumbawumba on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:00 pm

    • We have a few main rules on ShockCraft. No griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and no spamming. There is much more to the rules on our server than that, though. Please at least skim all of the rules below.

      No cheating.
      Everything is LEGIT.
      No using mods to assist you in any way at all. (But a mini map, or Optifine, is OK)
      No using any form of glitches or anything else that allows you to have an advantage over other players.
      This includes x-ray, flying, speed hacks, spawning in items, or any other type of hack that lets you “cheat.”
      No greifing.
      No stealing.
      Making a residence over someone's structure without permission is considered stealing.
      No spamming.
      No using random colors like a rainbow or the same color every message or so on
      PVP is legal, and can be used. But it can also be turned off.
      Bypassing the pvp system will result in a ban.
      This means using a glitch to kill someone, afk drown them, using lava or fire in a res with pvp off to kill them, or any other form of killing someone that isn’t actually pvp.
      If some one's items are on the ground, they are yours to keep, no matter how related to the matter of their items on the ground you are.
      So long as the player was killed legally or dropped them on their own.
      No noob towers (2x2 towers [or even smaller] that are made of dirt or a cheap material that serve no purpose)
      No traps unless clearly labeled on all sides.
      Respect mods.
      Listen to mods, don’t insult them, and follow all of their rules.
      No account sharing.
      If you are banned because “My friend did it, not me!!!” then we don’t care.
      As long as we don’t know about your account sharing or you don’t break any rules, we don’t care if you share it.
      No appealing your ban in-game.
      Go online to our website and file an issue to file a ban appeal.
      You can NOT appeal for a temporary ban, only permanent bans.
      Your issue will be viewed and considered. (We take kindly to people who are truly sorry)
      No posing as a mod.
      This goes for advertising another server on ours, or our server on another. Either way, there will be no advertising of any sort at all.
      Being an ass is OK, just stop if asked.
      And just because you can be one, doesn’t mean you should.
      This is an 18+ maturity server so foul language is OK to use, not as spam, however.
      Every player has the right to know why they were banned, and appeal at least once for a permanent ban.

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