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    Post  drtshock on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:46 am

    Just introduce yourself, say whatever you want and your favorite block or structure you've ever built.

    Hello, I'm drtshock. I'm the founder of this server. I'm a senior in high school in Minnesota. I play basketball and baseball. I work for the Minnesota Twins as an usher and I also ref and umpire (not the Twins). I hope to go to UW-Madison next year to be a Badger! I am going to be some type of engineer, not sure which yet. My favorite block on minecraft is the diamond block because it shows wealth and success. My favorite structure would have to be the secret lair, can't say anymore. (:

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    Post  AChumbawumba on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:57 am

    Hey, I'm AChumbawumba, but you can call me Chum Smile
    I am an Admin of ShockCraft, and hope to see it prosper. I go to school in Arkansas as an 8th grader (I'm young Shocked ) and plan on going to med school one day... Quite a few years from now... My favorite block is the enchantment table (even though it isn't technically a block, who cares?), because it is by far the thing I use most. Even though it makes me rage, I love it sometimes, too. My favorite structure is, well... Hm... I guess I don't have one!

    That's about it for me Very Happy !

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