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    Donation Information

    Post  drtshock on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:19 am

    As you all know, running a server costs money. We provide incentives for donations at increments. We are open with where the money goes and will always have that laid out here. We ask for a $5 minimum to recieve perks and gifts.

    Donor perks:
    Larger and more reses.
    Colored prefix and suffix.
    Log with a wooden pick.
    Create own chat channels (coming soon).

    One time gifts:
    1 block of any kind for each $1 you donate.
    $45 gets you a favor from drtshock. Something like chainmail armor, special spawner, no damage in a subres for grinding or something else fair.

    Where does the money go?
    $15 - 1st month payment (Feb. 9 2012).
    $15 - 2nd month payment (Mar. 9 2012).
    $15 - 3rd month payment (Apr. 9 2012).

    Future plans:
    $10 - first year domain registration.
    $10 - a month for hosting for a real website.
    $15 - more a month to double ram on server.
    $4 - a month for mumble server (start at 10 slots).


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